Praising God

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.” (KJV)
Psalm 150:6

Memuji Tuhan -

Praising God is one of the most beautiful in the lives of believers, besides praying, reading the Bible, and Allied.

For me personally, praise the Lord is a remarkable thing.

Praising God really is pride for us believers.

While writing this article, I tried to ask my friends in college who happened to be with me what they think about praising God.

There are 3 people who give their opinion.

Friends first found praised God is Singing.

I then tried to meditate while asking for wisdom and understanding of God.

We take a look at 1 Corinthians 14:15 “So, what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with my spirit, but I will sing with the understanding also. ”

Wisdom of God that I’ve got that Singing is a way to us for praise Him.

Psalm 104:33 “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live, I will sing praise to my God while I’m there.”

Psalm 108:1 “The Song. Psalm of David. (108-2) My heart is ready, O God, I will sing, I will sing praises. Arise, O my soul, ”

Guys, singing in this term is not singing about “do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do” but the singing in here as the attitude of our heart that wants to worship him. Our heart so miss about Him (Jesus) so much.

The second friend found praising God is Giving Gratitude.

Back I pondered this.

Praise the Lord, wisdom that i’ve got about thanksgiving is about an expression of the heart who would praise the Lord.
Thanksgiving means that we praise the Lord through the attitudes and actions that we express through the flood of joy and gratitude that is really sincere to God.

Read my previous post titled “I’m Thankful” for more information.

The third friend found praising God is Delightful Him.

Praising God is the goal to please Him first and foremost in praising God.

No boondoggle when we praise God, but it did not please Him.

Pleasing to God as the most important part when praising the Lord to give some meaning to us.

For I desire mercy, and not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.” Hosea 6: 6

1. Please God means doing what is pleasing to Him.

2. Please God means doing what is His will.

3. Which pleases God is when we can live faithfully in Christ.

4. God is pleased when His children have a desire to know more of His person.

God longed for fellowship with man as His creature..

Praise the Lord, amazingly awesome and so great that His Love and faithfulness in our lives.

Let’s Be person that is always longing to worship and please God. That is why we are created by Him.

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Keep spirit guys,
Jesus Bless you always

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