Don’t Give Up

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (NIV)
2 Timothy 4:7

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May Jesus Christ always give us Peace and Prosperous in every aspects of our life in Him.

Praise the Lord at this time I would like to share an article that would be a material reflection and introspection for ourselves.
As an afterthought I share a story that I quoted from the blog

There is a unique story that took place on October 20, 1968. The time clock is showing at 7:00 pm, appears several thousand spectators still packed Mexico City Olympic Stadium. At that time it was already getting dark and cold. The marathon runners who can not afford to lose his strength again and taken away to the first aid posts. They are cared for and treated. Well, more than an hour earlier, a man named Marco Wolde of Ethiopia crosses the finish line, a winner of the race so far is 26 miles 385 yards. He became a champion, gold medal for his country. But he would not figure I highlight this time. But someone who is a champion of champions aka rearmost one from behind.

At that moment when the audience is still there getting ready to leave the stage, they were sitting near the gate marathon suddenly heard the sound of sirens and police whistles. All eyes fixed on the gate. Then a body wearing the number 36 and the color nationality Tanzania entered the stadium. Name was John Stephen Akhwari athletes. He was the last person to finish the marathon. His struggle to reach the finish line is not easy. He collapsed during a game and suffered injuries in the knee and ankle. Then with his feet bloody and bandaged, he winced with every step painful limping down the track 400 meters remaining, certainly in his attempt to reach the finish line.

The home crowd was not standing and applauding. Tried to give him encouragement. He also managed to reach the finish. After that Akhwari slowly left the field. Later, a reporter asked a question that may exist in the mind of every person to Akhwari: “Why do you continue to race after you hurt badly enough?” Even as he continues to strive to reach the finish line when clearly he was the last runner to arrive at the finish line . No longer possible to achieve any degree. Akhwari answer to the question, “My country send me 5,000 miles no to start the race, but They send me 5,000 miles to finish it.

What an incredible winning mentality that exists in the minds of these Akhwari. He did not give up even though he already knew what the end result. In this case he is trying hard to complete the ‘mission’ as well as the responsibilities assigned to him. Not matter what the end result, but he managed to finish the mission struggles to complete his duties as a runner – the finish line.

We can see that the above paragraph was written by the apostle Paul, where he has successfully completed the task that was so severe, bitter, and extremely difficult.

Brothers and sisters, what struggles we face today?

May feel very heavy and we could not live, but remember one thing:
Do not Give Up!
Why? Because God has sent us to live a ‘mission’ in this world.

Let’s try to never give up and try to finish what the ‘call’ us as a duty by the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ.

Not how far the distance that remains to be taken to achieve the goal, but look how far we set foot to move toward that goal.”

Keep spirit guys, the Mercy and Grace of Lord Jesus Christ will surround and keep us always.

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